Europeans at heart Christa Klickermann


Published: November 15th 2013

Kindle Edition

459 pages


Europeans at heart  by  Christa Klickermann

Europeans at heart by Christa Klickermann
November 15th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 459 pages | ISBN: | 4.64 Mb

Europe is unsexy, complicated and inscrutable – at least that’s how it appears at first glance, and if the constant stream of negative headlines are to be believed. But Christa Klickermann is convinced that there is more to it than that: “Where there is shadow, there must be light!” And so the 55-year-old decided to give up her job as a self-employed marketing consultant, raid her savings account and, in 2012, set off on a one-year journey through the EU’s 28th capital cities in search of a charming, more positive Europe – one that exists beyond all the headlines.

At hot-dog stands, in living rooms, on park benches and in great buildings of knowledge she chatted with young families, bakers, toilet attendants, conservationists, taxi drivers, passionate networkers, creative thinkers and courageous intellectual pioneers about their lives, work, dreams and their image of Europe. Does the City of Love provide enough care for its babies? Who is preparing Portugal’s students for entrepreneurial life? Are Lithuanian women more likely to end up in the boss’ chair? Is it OK to laugh at a joke about the Polish?

Will 21st century online networking soon replace Austria’s tradition of cronyism? Why do London’s bankers sit around in bars at the end of the working day? What can EU officials learn from Italy’s San Patrignano drug rehabilitation centre? Why do the French make such a fuss about their language?

In 28 chapters – one for each capital – this passionate business woman, mother and grandmother takes the reader on a very personal and informative tour of discovery through the European Union. With a worldly-wise approach and plenty of humour, she throws old dogmas out the window, fills the gaps in her knowledge, tackles her prejudices head on and redefines her boundaries as she ultimately grows to love her new extended homeland.

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